understanding the process of growth

In gem business 

    As I talk about the growth.........

    I hope it is not a new thing but many people do not understand that there is growth in business as it is in the human being and plants. Let’s take an example of the growth of a baby (Infant). Once a baby is born she or he must undergo the process of growth to become an adult. A new born baby does not start to walk immediately after being born. He or She has to go through the process of development.

    It is an abnormal for a child of one month old to start crawling and walking. Please, I want spiritual people to understand me very well, despite of taking the Holy Communion or Anointing oil, you can’t change the process of growth. Let me ask you a question, can a pregnant woman go to delivery after the laying of hands with the pregnancy of one month? She has to undergo the process of growth for baby to born to the fullness. 

    You must know that growth in gem business goes from phases. Let’s say in the first month of your business you may not have even a single customer then the next month two customers and after six months you decide to quit in that business thinking that it does not profit you. Meanwhile your business needs time to grow. While you are working hard, your business growth is in phases.


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    Making sales is a major factor to measure your business if it is growing or not. But warning for you who is doing the gem business and expecting getting customers in two weeks. When you waited for three months and there was no customer come then you thought that your business was not growing. “NO”

    May be the business is new, many people don’t know yet. It is very true that sales is one among the indicators that shows the growth of your company If is growing or not. 

    At the beginning of your business don’t pay attention much in sales in order to measure the growth of your business, make sure you take record of several things apart from sales like the number of people that come in your company daily, the number of calls or emails received daily. By doing so you will be able to know if you are growing or not.


    There is a stagnation side in your business. But the major thing is having a good records of your business and doing evaluation monthly to know if it is growing or not. Stagnation in gem business is a problem that you have to know the source of it.

    Slowing in Growth

    Slow growth is still a problem in a gem business and there are many reasons that make the business not to grow. What is important is to ask yourself why is your business growing too slow? Could be the location? or the product itself?. That question has to be answered by you. 

    I hope you have been enlightened in growth process of gem business. That is a process and not a thing of one day. And if you don’t know that process of growth takes time, then you can quit your business or give up.

    Praying and fasting can accelerate the growth but not in one day. This is because there are a lot of things you have to learn and can’t learn them in one day. As you know that our God is God of order even though he had the ability of creating the whole world in one day but he did not do that. 

    Just think that in one day God opens the doors to your company and in one day he brings one thousand customers and you just started the business under one week. You will not know any complains of your customers, you won’t know the shortcomings of your products. At least start with 4 customers then 10, then 40, you continue growing until you reach one thousand people that will be the process of growth.


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