In Gem Business Start Small But Think Big


    The meaning of “start small”

    Great things or great people did not start great or above but they started very small and growing gradually. In Gem business start from where you are whether you are an agent or your company is proprietorship or limited. Majority of people don’t like to start from where they are, they are waiting to get huge amount of money as the result, they keep waiting and the days are going. 

    Please start from where you are. Only the pride people who do not want to start from where they are. If you want to be a great in diamond business and you don’t have the capital then start by selling red garnet, sunstone, or citrine. If you continue doing so within the period of short time you will start getting new ideas or meeting with different people.

    Let me narrate you how did I started my company, in 2010 December I registered my company from BRELA and I called it “Moreshine Gemstone Enterprises”. After registration I told myself that I will apply for gem dealer license when I get enough money. But in 2011 around December again I travelled to Shinyanga region to explore the diamond sources. I visited to Kahama Mineral Office, then I went to Shinyanga town I met with different government officers. I told them my idea of starting export diamonds but I didn’t have my own license and I was thinking of using of someone else license. That mine officer told me that I will be just bearer of Diamond but no one will know that I am doing the diamond business. 

    From there I told myself once I return back to Dar es Salaam I will register my own company as “Sole trader” and I will get my own gem dealer license. By February 2012 I had already gotten my two license of Diamonds and Colored Stones. Surprisingly, the same week I got my first order of Tanzanite worthy of US$ 5,600 to export to Ireland. Hence I made a record of my own of export gemstone to abroad without my company being limited.

    Start small but never remain where you are for a long time.

    It is true that you started small but you have to make the progress. And this progress you can see it within five months. As you know when a baby reaches three months and starts the fourth one you can start seeing changes. If your business is five months old and there no tangible change, then there is a problem somewhere. I am saying in five months you must seeing changes but also you must have kept a good records of everything that is going on in your company. Keep records of the phone number inquiries, emails, the number of people coming to your office and evaluating them.

    Start small but think Big

    There is no problem in starting small and think big. The problem is for those who don’t want to start small or start from where they are or start with what they have. When you start small gradually you will become big. There are people with the ideas of having a business jet for gem business but they don’t want to start from where they are. And you’ll find that they don’t have even the gemstones license and they have been in business of gem for many years more than ten years. You can tell me that you want to become great in gem business and you don’t have even a broker license and you have been there for more than ten years.

    Signs of stagnation

    In gem business every year must be better than the previous year. If the first year you had the sales of 5000 USD and the next year you sell 5000 USD, you have to realize that your business has been stagnated know that there is no progress and if you are not carefully , you will start going backward.

    All in all, never forget this principle of start small, never afraid, never shy.